After logging in, there are two areas you will use to navigate your Edge account:

  • Menus at the top of the screen
  • Dashboard menus

Updating your account settings and viewing your assessment history

To update your account settings, including contact information, click on your library name at the upper right corner. Select Account Settings from the dropdown menu. If you have completed one or more assessments, you can view your assessment history and download past results by clicking Assessment History.

Navigating the Dashboard


The Dashboard will guide you through the Edge Toolkit. Use the numbered steps at the top of the Dashboard to move through the Toolkit. Your ability to move through the Toolkit will be determined by the progress you have made. If you are taking the assessment for the first time, you will not be able to access steps 3 and 4 until after you have completed the assessment. If you are repeating the assessment, you will be able to access steps 3 and 4 except when you are in the midst of retaking the assessment.


As you move through the Toolkit, the options in the left sidebar menu of your Dashboard will change, depending on the links that you will need for that section of the Toolkit. Here is an example of the left sidebar menu in step 3: