View this brief 10-minute video to familiarize yourself with the various component of Edge. Review a short description of some of the materials that comprise the Toolkit, then download and review the Assessment Workbook.


Edge libraries have noted a plan to engage staff and volunteers, where possible, plays an important role in a library’s success with Edge. Identify one person to serve as the project leader. In smaller libraries, this may be the library director; in larger libraries, it may be the assistant director, a lead librarian, or someone involved in strategy, technology, or development.

 In small libraries, get any staff or volunteers you have involved! In larger libraries, your team should include staff from across the library – for example, include someone from your development office to help with the Community Engagement Strategic Area and someone from your management team to help with the Organizational Management Strategic Area.  

For additional guidance on building your team, refer to pages 2, 7, and 12 of the Assessment Workbook

Once you have determined who will be working on the assessment, distribute the Assessment Workbook to your team. Assign sections of the Workbook to appropriate team members and have them view the video mentioned above. 

The following documents may help you answer questions from your staff, volunteers, and community stakeholders about the Edge Initiative:

  • Who benefits from Edge? The Edge Theory of Change outlines how the activities of public libraries, supported by the Edge Toolkit, can help improve the quality of life for your entire community.

  • What does Edge do? This information-packed infographic describes how Edge helps public libraries better serve their communities through improved public access technology services.

  • Where is Edge used? Libraries of all sizes have stories about successfully using Edge to improve their public access technology services, increase community engagement, and improve organizational management.

  • When should we start? Why not get started right away! For creating a plan to work through the Toolkit, you may find our Suggested Timeline helpful.

  • Why do libraries succeed with Edge? We have found that staff and volunteer engagement is the single most important element in a library’s success with Edge. Because the Edge Assessment evaluates multiple aspects of library services, we have provided suggestions for staff involvement in the AssessmentWorkbook.

  • How does Edge work? Our short two-page How Does Edge Work document provides a high-level synopsis of the steps a library will take to work through the Edge Toolkit.