These short videos address steps for working through the rest of Edge Toolkit after you complete the initial step - the Edge Assessment.

  • Part 1: Edge Benchmarks Framework will familiarize you with the various components of the Edge framework (9:26 minutes);

  • Part 2: Identifying Action Items will show how to use your Assessment Results to identify possible actions your library can implement in the following year (8:47 minutes);

  • Part 3: Prioritizing Action for Impact will show how your Peer Comparison Reports provide important context to your results and help inform your decision making process (12:33 minutes);

  • Part 4: Getting Ready for Action will guide you on using the Edge tools to create an achievable Action Plan that focuses on the particular needs and goals of your library (5:57 minutes);

  • Part 5: Looking Outside the Reports will explore ideas and strategies for selecting the Action Items that will be most appropriate and beneficial to your library and community (8:34 minutes).