The Take Action portion of the Toolkit is where you're really going to roll up your sleeves and start using your Assessment results to begin to identify priorities for your library and community, and prepare to engage with community leaders and other stakeholders to effect change in your library and community.

Here, you will:

  1. Review Your Recommendations
    Review recommendations for Action Items, based on your replies to the Edge Assessment. Our Identifying Action Items video will show you how to use your Assessment Results to identify possible actions your library can implement in the following year.

  2. Create Your Action Plan
    After reviewing your recommendations, pick a few key items for your Action Plan that you will focus on working on this next year. Watch the Prioritizing Action for Impact video for a demonstration of how your Peer Comparison Reports can provide important context to your results and help inform your decision making process as you develop your Action Plan. Getting Ready for Action will guide you on using the Edge tools to create an achievable Action Plan that focuses on the particular needs and goals of your library. Finally, Looking Outside the Reports will explore ideas and strategies for selecting the Action Items that will be most appropriate and beneficial to your library and community.


  3. Sign Up for Training Opportunities
    Training opportunities for your entire staff will help implement positive change in your library and community. Course descriptions are available here.

  4. Create Executive Tools
    Explore and customize handouts and presentations designed to engage community leaders and other library stakeholders.