4.1  |  Outreach to local media is conducted at least quarterly through one-on-one meetings, press releases, op-eds, or media events at the library

Building relationships with local media providers is important for keeping the community informed about library events, achievements, and the value it creates. Regular contact with local media outlets helps keep the library in the news and helps media providers begin to recognize the library as a source for valuable information and content.

Answer Yes if you contact local media outlets at least quarterly to provide them with announcements, op-eds, press releases, and other content.
Answer No, but plan to in the next year if you do have quarterly contact with your media outlets but intend to do so in the next year.
Answer No, would like to but cannot at this time if you would like to have quarterly media contact but cannot at this time.
Answer No, we have no plans to do so at this time if you have media contact less than quarterly and you do not intend to increase contact in the future.