4.1  |  A presentation about library technology is made to a community group at least annually (e.g., Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce)

Making presentations about the library's resources and services to community groups that reach audiences with civic or service interests is a good way of building relationships with potential supporters, locate potential partners, and gather feedback about what those organizations and the constituents they represent would find valuable in library services. Community groups can include local chapters of civic groups like the Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, and Urban League, professional associations like the American College of Physicians or the American Association of University Women, groups involved with services to particular populations like ARC, the Humane Society, and Legal Aid Society, or social groups like the Lions Club, a bicycle club, or a seniors group, among others. One presentation annually should be considered a minimum level of effort--in most cases the library should be planning much more frequent outreach to these groups.

Answer Yes if you have made at least one presentation to a community group in the past year.
Answer No, but plan to in the next year if you have not made a presentation to a community group in the past year, but intend to do so next year.
Answer No, would like to but cannot at this time if you would like to make a presentations to a community group but cannot at this time.
Answer No, we have no plans to do so at this time if you not made a presentation to a community group in the past year and have no intention to do so in the next year.