9.1  |  The library has a sufficient number of device hours available on a per capita basis. 

Device hours is a measure that combines the number of hours a library is open with the total number of computers and laptops available in the library for public use in order to determine the amount of access the library is providing to its community as a whole. The device hours per capita is a measure of the number of device hours available to each resident in a library's service area were each of them to use the library's computers equally. A library with a device hours per capita rate of 3.0, for example, would be capable of providing each member of its community with 3 hours of computer time per year. Using the device hours per capita in this way allows the Edge Initiative to recommend levels of device hours in a way that is sensitive to the size of the service area population. Edge provides for three levels of achievement for device hours per capita. The lowest level recognizes libraries that provide 3.00-5.00 device hours per capita; this is probably an acceptable level of access in communities where the demand for public access is relatively low because of high levels of broadband adoption at home and/or where many other organizations provide public access. The second level recognizes libraries providing 5.01-7.00 device hours per capita; this is probably acceptable in communities with an average amount of broadband adoption and other providers of public access. The third level recognizes libraries providing more than 7.00 device hours per capita; this level of resources and services should be the goal in communities with very low broadband adoption at home, low levels of digital literacy, or where the bandwidth available in the home is slow. The device hours per capita for your library will be calculated as part of the assessment.

You can read more about device hours and how to calculate them in the attached article. The University of Washington has also developed an online calculator you can use to test different scenarios for increasing your device hours.