4.1  |  The library maintains its own or participates in an ongoing community advisory body whose responsibilities include helping to develop community digital inclusion and technology plans

An advisory body brings together leaders and stakeholders around a specific topic to share ideas and discuss how to improve or progress on the topic. Libraries should organize or participate in such discussions to share their expertise and seek ideas and support for community digital inclusion and technology planning. Some communities have existing advisory bodies that explicitly address digital inclusion and technology access; in those cases, the library should ensure that a library leader is a member of the body. Other communities may not yet have a body that addresses digital inclusion; in that case the library could advance digital inclusion by organizing a planning committee that seeks to address community-wide technology needs.

Answer Yes if the library currently has its own community advisory body that addresses digital inclusion or a library leader participates in another advisory body that addresses digital inclusion/
Answer No, but plan to in the next year if the community lacks an advisory body that addresses digial inclusion, but you plan to organize one in the next year. Also select this answer if there is an existing advisory committee that addresses digital inclusion that a library leader plans to join in the next year.
Answer No, would like to but cannot at this time if you would like a library leader to participate in an adivisory committee that addresses digital inclusion but none currently exists and you are unable to organize one.
Answer No, we have no plans to do so at this time if no library leader intends to participate in or organize a digital inclusion advisory body.