2.3  |  Audio books can be downloaded through the library's website

Audio books are a popular valuable resource. Offering audio book collections keeps the library relevant and appealing to many users, and keeps the library relevant to patrons who might not otherwise have much reason to interact with the library. Downloadable audio books available through public libraries also increases access to materials for the blind and visually impaired in the community. For the purposes of this indicator, audio book collections need to include current commercial publications and a system for downloading that is integrated with the library's library website and patron accounts. Providing links to free audio book websites (e.g., LibriVox) is not sufficient to meet this criteria.

Answer Yes if your library provides qualifying audio book downloads through a program integrated with your website and patron accounts. Libraries that receive audio book collections through their state libraries and provide a portal to those resources through their websites should also answer yes.
Answer No, but plan to in the next year if you do not currently offer qualifing audio books through the library's website but plan to do so in the next year.
Answer No, would like to but cannot at this time if you would like to offer audio books through the library's website, but cannot at this time perhaps due to lack of support for the library's website, budget constraints, or other reasons.
Answer No, we have no plans to do so at this time if you have decided to not offer audio books through the library's website.