2.2  |  Website links are checked and content is updated at least monthly

Checking links means to verify that all links on your library's website lead to the intended page, whether external or internal. Libraries can use one of the many free link checkers available on the Internet to make checking links fast and easy. Updating content montly, whether replacing resources that the link checker found no longer exist, updating blogs, or keeping a current list of new aquisitions, helps maintain patron interest in visiting the library's website and staying connected to the library.

Answer Yes if you check website links and update your website content at least monthly.
Answer No, but plan to in the next year if you check the links on the library's website less than monthly or not at all, and/or you do not update content on your website at least month but plan to begin doing so in the next year.
Answer No, would like to but cannot at this time if you would like to check your library's website links and and update content at least monthly but cannot at this time, perhaps due to lack of support for the library's website or other reasons.
Answer No, we have no plans to do so at this time if you check website links and/or update your website content less than monthly, or not at all, and do not intend to begin to do so at least monthly in the next year.