Executive Tools

The Edge Executive Tools are a set of customizable materials designed to help you engage with your community leaders and other library stakeholders to tell your story and advocate for library improvements. The Executive Tools include a customizable one page leave-behind that demonstrates your library's priorities and needs, as well as two customizable PowerPoint presentations, designed to help you describe the importance of the Edge Benchmarks. You can see a sample page from the presentation here.

To access the Executive Tools, click Executive Tools in the left sidebar menu.

guide to making the most of these tools is available and is helpful to review before you start. 

To begin, click on the button to Get Executive Tools. When you are ready to create your Tools, click the button to Create Your Tool.

To create your one page leave-behind:

  1. Select 3 areas of focus that you would like to emphasize to your stakeholders. These statements are all connected to the 11 Benchmarks, and you can review the text for each of the areas by hovering over the item in the list. Click in the checkbox to select an item to include. Click on the Next button to continue.

  2. In each of the three text boxes, enter a “Call to Action” that helps to describe what the library plans to do or what is needed to implement the action. We recommend using specific language and, if asking for funding, exact dollar amounts. For example, "The library is requesting $500 to purchase the US Impact Survey, an online survey tool to survey patrons about public access technology services at the library, and use the information to improve those services for our community" will be more effective than "The library would like to conduct an online survey for our patrons".

  3. Click on the Next button to continue.

  4. Download the leave behind into a Word or PDF document for distribution. Leave behinds are easy to make, so you can create different versions for different audiences. Just be sure to download and save a copy, so that you don't lose your work.

After you have created your leave-behind, you will be able to download the PowerPoint presentations.