Your library's results will be available as soon as the Assessment is submitted. To view your results, click Review Results on the Dashboard.

If you have not already, we recommend watching the short Edge Benchmark Framework video, which will familiarize you with indicatorsattributes, and benchmarks, the elements of the Edge framework on which your Assessment results are based.

In Review Results, you will be able to view:

  • Results Summary, including Highest Scoring Benchmarks, Lowest Scoring Benchmarks, and, if you have taken the Assessment more than once, your Most Improved and Most Regressed Benchmarks.
  • Results Overview - a report of your responses by benchmark. If you have taken the Assessment more than once, you will see the results from both your most recent and previous assessments.
  • Results by Strategic Area - a report of your responses by strategic area with the complete list of your responses to each indicator. If you have taken the Assessment more than once, you will see the results from both your most recent and previous assessments.

You will also be able to download (PDF):

  • A detailed report of your library's responses and results.
  • Your Peer Comparison Report, which places your results in context with other libraries of similar size. This will be a useful report to inform your decision making process as you begin to prioritize your Action Items.
  • A Summary report of all peer group responses and results.

Understanding the results: The Edge benchmarks represent a comprehensive set of best practices related to public access technology, from leading libraries around the country, of all sizes. They are aspirational in nature, and are designed to help libraries plan for new levels of service. These assessment results are provided so that you can set priorities for your library that will improve the technology services you provide to your patrons. Priorities are individual to each library, and this is demonstrated by the wide range of results we see on the Assessment - no library will ever report maximum points (1,000) for the Assessment.  So whether your library reported 50 point or 650, use these results to identify improvement opportunities for your library that are anchored in your library’s and your community’s strategic goals, a focus which may not require achievement in every benchmark.

In a 2014 study, the national average did not exceed 255 in any of the three Strategic Areas.

Next, you will use your Assessment results in conjunction with your Recommendations to identify possible actions your library can implement in the following year.