Beginning on March 17th, four highly interactive, live online courses will be offered to the staff of libraries who have completed their assessment. These courses are designed to strengthen a library's efforts in the areas of advocacy, technology management, library leadership, and community assessment and planning.

Library directors and their staff can sign up for one, two, or all four courses.


The four courses offered are:


Ø Strengthening Your Library Partnerships

Ø Fostering Your Library Leadership

Ø Building Public Access Technology Services

Ø Assessing Your Community’s Needs

For full course descriptions, click here

Libraries must first complete the Edge Assessment in order to be eligible to register for the Edge Training. When a library completes their assessment, Edge sends training registration links to the person listed as the primary contact on the Edge account (usually the library director). 

The library director (or primary account contact) must share the registration links with their staff since staff members register individually. If you are a staff member at a participating library and interested in registering for training, please see your library director for registration information. Or click on 'Create a new ticket' in this portal to send a support request. Once we confirm your library completed the assessment, we can send the registration links to you directly.